Our work at Albert Embankment is offering one of the most exciting opportunities to create new land in London, as when we are finished, there will be two vibrant areas of foreshore for the benefit of the whole of London. You can see our Albert Embankment site from Vauxhall Bridge, as our team are building out into the river to enable them to connect to two old polluting discharge points which sit under the bridge. Our works here will help stop sewage getting into the River Thames, creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

Reconnecting London with the River Thames

London relies on a 150-year-old sewer system built for a population less than half its current size. As a result, millions of tonnes of raw sewage spills, untreated, into the River Thames each year. 

That’s where we come in.  

We’re building a 25km Super Sewer under the Thames to intercept those nasty spills and clean up our river for the good of the city, its wildlife and you.